Our Members have all these benefits, and much more.

woman doing exercises at home

Online Sessions

All Members can be Exchange Therapies, or give online sessions to all members with discount.

1° Benefit
Online education for teenager


All members can learn about others therapies, with discounts in our online school.

2° Benefit
Senior man opening front door to young woman showing ID card


All Members will have an ID WFHT Card, with their registration number, to be identified as our member.

3° Benefit
Marketing strategy

Web Marketing

All members can have an advice and discount for their web marketing, or other services with our Partner 

4° Benefit
Entering number of credit card on website


All members can have a discount for their website, online business card or Google my Business with our Partner 

5° Benefit
Small family business

Workshop Online

We do organize some online lives or webinars and workshops for all communities of WFHT, in our social networks.

6° Benefit
Free / Discounts

Our Community

We are the largest association of holistic therapists in the world, and together we are stronger, and we can get more ideas and solutions for us, therapists. If you have an idea which is good for our community, please share with us. 

All our therapists are trusted partners

We check every certificate sent to us before we give the membership. So all our therapist members are fully checked. With that we can be sure of the quality of professionals, to indicate these therapists for all around the world.

Trust in Business Relationship, Trusted Partner