Registration for a Therapies or Methods

We have the service of Registering Certificates, Courses and Techniques or Therapies or Methods that will be used in a specific country or around the world

If you want to see if the Course, Certificate, Technique, Method or Therapy is registered with us please validate the code on the button. 

Register - Therapies, Techniques or Methods Form

This form is used for Therapies or Methods registration. Our members or non-members who are interested in registering their Therapies or Methods can register the Therapies or Methods. The registration will be with us. You will receive a Certification Seal, with an alphanumeric code, to place on your eBooks, Manuals, certificates, or promotional material.
How to Register?

Send the form with your details and your Therapy, Technique or Method details. Fill in the necessary information and then click the “Send” button. We will email you the payment method chosen to pay for your Course. The price is $180.00 or £150.00. After making the payment, you need to wait for payment confirmation, and send to our email register@wfht.org with your documents (ID and Proof of Address) and all about this Technique/Therapy/Method. After confirmation, your Technique/Therapy/Method enters the queue to be analysed. The deadline for analysis and approval of the registration is up to 7 working days. You will receive an email informing you that the Technique/Therapy/Method has been registered with the corresponding Stamp of the Technique/Therapy/Method with your alphanumeric key.

How to change registered Technique/Therapy/Method data?

Our team reviews all requests to change registered Technique/Therapy/Method data. If accepted, the update is carried out and a notification is sent by email. The Technique/Therapy/Method name cannot be changed. Now just wait for our team to analyze your request. The analysis is carried out within 7 business days and you will be notified by email. Change value: £100.00 *Registration ownership cannot be changed.


Please Scan all documentation required and send to our email address register@wfht.org
* Provide copies of all certificates of your practicing therapies
* Copy of your proof of ID (please send the ID Card/Passport)
* Copy of your proof of your Address
* The manuals in PDF, and all about this Technique/Therapy/Method
* If possible, send as well the evidence of tutor practitioner, core syllabus of the courses, and copy of your training manuals. Any observation, please write in the Message Field.
For the companies we need evidence of the business in your country, pictures, owners contract and personal documents, etc. (All translated to English).

Technique/Therapy/Method Registry

Registration can be carried out by legal entities or individuals, in their own name or in the name of third parties.
Your course, certificate, therapy, technique or method is registered and you receive a Certification Seal with a key number in a digital record for public consultation. This Certification Seal can be used in your advertising, identifying that the therapy, technique or method is registered in our Registry Department and also as proof of copyright.

Annualy Payment

For Courses and Therapies/Methods/Techniques, you will pay annually half price, so that your Course or Therapy is certified by us. But the stamps of your students’ Certificates is only paid once.