The WFHT has the right to amend or withdraw these terms and conditions without prior notice.

1. General terms
1.1 Membership requires the applicant to be qualified to the standards as set by the WFHT. The WFHT reserves the right to reject a membership application for any reason it deems appropriate.

1.2. Applicants and members must advise the WFHT immediately if they have ever been:

1.2.1 refused insurance or had any special terms or conditions imposed by an insurance provider; or

1.2.2 convicted or prosecution pending for any criminal offense (excluding spent convictions); or

1.2.3 declared bankrupt or subject to bankruptcy proceedings or voluntary or involuntary insolvency winding up procedures; or

1.2.4 prosecuted under any health and safety or consumer protection act; or

1.2.5 subject to an insurance claim relating to their work as a therapist; or

1.2.6 on the sex offenders register; or

1.2.7 refused entry to, or expelled from any professional association, accredited voluntary register, regulatory body or similar organisation; or

1.2.8 currently has any health issue which may impacts their fitness to practice

1.3 Members must provide copies of their treatment qualifications within 14 days of joining. Failure to provide these documents will result in the cancellation of membership and it may affect a member’s insurance (if applicable) without refund. If subsequently provided, a reinstatement fee may apply.

1.4 Members must inform the WFHT of any new therapy treatments being practised that are not registered with the association. Members are encouraged to contact the WFHT before committing to any further training to ensure the course will be covered for WFHT membership and insurance purposes.

1.5 It is a condition of membership that members hold adequate insurance cover. If a member does not hold insurance through the WFHT, they are required to send updated insurance documents within 14 days of joining. Failure to provide these documents will result in the cancellation of membership without refund. If subsequently provided, a reinstatement fee may apply.

1.6 Applicants must ensure that all information provided is, to the best of their knowledge, complete and accurate at the date of application. Where relevant information is missing, or the information supplied is false or misleading, the WFHT reserves the right to terminate membership without refund.

1.7 Members are bound by the WFHT Code of Conduct and Professional Practice www.wfht.org/code and are subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure.

1.8 Members agree to adhere to the highest standards of professional practice and to participate in continuing professional development (excludes WFHT Associate and Student categories).

1.9 Members must ensure that all marketing material is legal, decent, honest, truthful and not misleading.

1.10 Membership is on an annual basis and payments are for a term of 12 months unless otherwise stated. Members are liable for any outstanding payments due.

1.11 Paid subscriptions entitle the member to all privileges and rights of that category of membership for the period for which payment is made.

1.12 Membership cards and badges remain the property of WFHT and should be returned or destroyed if membership is cancelled or not renewed. Damaged or lost cards or badges will incur a $10.50 replacement fee.

1.13 Members must refrain from the harvesting of members’ contact information for the formation of unauthorised mailing lists or commercial purposes.

1.14 Use of the WFHT logo must adhere to the terms and conditions of use as defined in the WFHT Code of Conduct & Professional Practice.

1.15 WFHT has the right to display notification of sanctions and removal of membership where there has been a breach of the WFHT Code of Conduct & Professional Practice.

1.16 Member passwords and access codes to password protected areas of the website and other associated membership benefits, are strictly for the use of the individuals to which they were issued, and must not be shared with any third party or unauthorised person.

1.17 Members are encouraged to display their appropriate WFHT Member logo in their publications, on their websites and on promotional literature.

1.18 Members must inform the WFHT of any changes in their circumstance or contact details.

1.19 Membership fees are non-refundable or transferable.

2. Renewing membership
2.1 Members will receive written notification inviting them to renew their membership.

2.2 If members wish to change the dates of their membership during the 60 day window of renewal, an administration charge of £10 will be applied. The renewal window expires 60 days after the date of renewal.

2.2 If membership subscription is paid by cheque, credit or debit card, it is essential that payment reaches the WFHT before the renewal date, in order that membership is not cancelled due to non-payment. For members’ convenience, you will also be offered the option to pay by direct debit. This has the advantage that your membership can be renewed automatically each year without the need for you to contact the WFHT. Payments made by direct debit will receive a 5% discount annually.

2.3 If members do not hold insurance through WFHT, they are required to send updated insurance documents at each renewal. Failure to provide these documents will result in the cancellation of membership without refund.

3. Data protection and privacy
3.1 The WFHT needs a certain amount of information about members in order to be able to carry out its duties to represent, support, promote and protect its members. Please read our Privacy Notice for full information: www.wfht.org/privacy

3.2 The WFHT will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the safety and security of member data.

3.3 The WFHT will not sell, distribute or lease members’ personal information to third parties unless members’ have given relevant permissions or the WFHT is required to do so by law. The WFHT may use members’ personal information to send promotional information about third parties, which it believes would be of interest to members, unless members tell us in writing that they do not wish to receive such information.

4. Membership termination
4.1 Membership of the association will cease if:

4.1.1 A member gives notice in writing at least 15 working days before the annual renewal date that he/she wishes to resign their membership.

4.1.2 The membership fee remains unpaid 60 days after its due date (membership benefits will be withdrawn on the renewal date and this may affect your WFHT insurance).

4.1.3 A member’s name is suspended or removed from the regulatory body with which he/she is registered.

4.1.4 A member’s conduct brings the association into disrepute and the board resolves that he/she is removed from membership. They will not be able to describe themselves as a member or be refunded any subscriptions.

4.2 If a member pays by Direct Debit and does not wish to renew their WFHT membership, the WFHT must be notified in writing at least 15 days prior to renewal date so that payment is not taken from the member’s account.

4.3 If the member ceases to be a member, all references to WFHT’s name and logo must be removed from the therapist’s practice, publications, promotional material, websites and stationary within one month. After this date, use of the logo will become an infringement of WFHT’s Intellectual Property Rights.

5. Confidentiality
5.1. Members undertake to:

treat all documents and other communications issued to them from WFHT as STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL;
use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that their employees, clients and other third parties working under their direction, treat information from the WFHT in the same manner; and
agree that no disclosure of information from the WFHT will be made to any person outside the membership of WFHT or be published in any journal without the permission of the WFHT being first obtained.